Next Level Foreign Exchange

Take your FX to the next level for any sized business in this webinar presented in cooperation with Tempus and Kansas Global Trade Services.

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Next Level FX Webinar

When you think of Foreign Exchange, do you think complex, difficult waste of time, or risk-lowering, money-saving competitive advantage?

For every cross-border (cross-currency) transaction, a Foreign Exchange must occur. But for most exporting/importing SMEs we talk with, FX is a complex tool they don’t want to mess with. It may be useful for large corporations, but it’s too impractical and difficult for just anybody to dabble in.

Can SMEs really afford to get involved in FX? Or, to use the cliche, can SMEs afford to not get involved in FX?

Since it occurs on every transaction, what risks do companies run by getting involved or not getting involved? What tools and relationships can help a company lower its foreign transaction risk? Can FX really provide a competitive advantage?

Get these answers and more in a fast-paced 30-minute event that will help you take your FX game to the next level!


WHEN: Thursday, January 7th, 2021 @ 2pm EST

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