Payment Assurance

Ready to reduce the risks of international trade payments?  For importers, Payment Assurance allows you to purchase from foreign suppliers and ensure you receive your goods.  For exporters, you can sell to more customers and ensure you get paid each and every time.

The Benefits

  • Effective protection for global trade payments
  • Simple online process
  • Financing options for US-based importers
  • Market leading FX options for suppliers


How It Works

Manage the entire Payment Assurance transaction through an easy to use, intuitive online tool – no more manual processes, postal mailing times or paper documents.

Payment Assurance Workflow

To begin, the importer and exporter create a new Payment Assurance transaction online and agree upon the terms.  The importer then transfers full payment to Tempus’s secure holding account.  US-based importers can easily finance transactions up to $1MM through our integrated financing partner.  Once funds have been received into the holding account, the exporter can ship with confidence.  The shipment will then be validated and payment transferred to the supplier, either in USD or converted to their domestic currency.  Transaction complete, and both parties protected.  Still have a few questions? We’ve got answers.



Want to see more? Watch this recorded webinar, providing in-depth information and demonstrations of Payment Assurance.

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