Cocktails & Currencies HIGHLIGHTS – October 2020

Highlights from our monthly Tempus toast to straightforward market talk—your opportunity to virtually ‘clink’ glasses with our Bloomberg top-ranked FX traders, some Tempus folks, and chat currency with others interested in FX.



  • Traditional macroeconomic theories are being challenged by the nature of the COVID beast—this is truly a physical threat to the economy which makes accurate forecasting and analysis nearly impossible. Highlights the need to protect your business with effective risk management tools to ride out the next shutdown wave.
  • The EUR just went up in response to the €750 billion fiscal recovery package but the EU recovering is still under threat, particularly from Spain’s growing infection rate and unrest—looking at hitting 1.17 with more room to lose ground if COVID impact worsens. Chief Economist Dr. Jon Min sees the Euro as highly undervalued, which means fears could subside quickly.
  • The US debt level and GDP ratio are getting scary which will affect the value of the dollar and gold. Chief Economist John Min explains, “I’m bearish on the dollar as it’s slowing down for the rest of 2020 with more debt for the government and companies leading to less investment—but still optimistic for the recovery next year.”
  • Brexit continues to be like the “worst divorce proceeding I’ve ever seen—still attracted to each other and seeking benefits without the union while dragging out a never-ending battle” says Senior FX Trader & Strategist, Juan Perez.  As we wait indefinitely for a finalized agreement, the pound may hit as low as 1.15. More on GBP in Juan’s recent Bloomberg Radio appearance to see if “Braveheart may happen in real life…”


If your business did not take advantage of the opportunity, you can catch next month’s virtual happy 1/2 hour on September 17th to speak directly with our #1 Bloomberg-ranked FX traders.

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