Cocktails & Currencies HIGHLIGHTS – August 2020

Highlights from our monthly Tempus toast to straightforward market talk—your opportunity to virtually ‘clink’ glasses with our Bloomberg top-ranked FX traders, some Tempus folks, and chat currency with others interested in FX.



  • Time will tell if the Euro’s momentum runs out of steam or if the EUR/USD is just consolidating before pushing higher,” says John Doyle, our VP of Trading & Dealing.
  • The dollar will remain as the world’s reserve currency for the foreseeable future as there is no viable alternative. However, structural damage has been done to the dollar’s long term dominance.
  • The British pound’s recent strength may be overdone especially since there has been little progress on the Brexit front. Deadline for a deal is October 15th.
  • College football will happen because as our Senior FX Trader & Strategist, Juan Perez, puts it .”..the decisions by the Conferences are regional, political.”


If your business did not take advantage of the opportunity, you can catch next month’s virtual happy 1/2 hour on September 17th to speak directly with our #1 Bloomberg-ranked FX traders.

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