API – The Wave of the Future is Here

Our financial technology is designed to be easily integrated into a client’s existing systems—to provide currency exchange and payments services to their customer base with unlimited access to the foreign exchange market.

Application Programming Interface (API) is a software intermediary that allows two software applications to talk to each other. In other words, an API is the messenger that delivers your request to the provider that you’re requesting it from and then delivers the response back to you.

So what does API mean in the real world? Everyone knows Apple’s Siri – the intelligent digital assistant that answers any question from ball game scores and weather forecasts to historical trivia and recent Hollywood gossip.

All of Siri’s answers are enabled with APIs. Thousands of APIs power Siri so that most questions are answered quickly and accurately.

Many businesses are also now engaging with other companies’ APIs to expand their own offerings. Doing this provides several noteworthy benefits:

  1. Improves client retention by quickly providing additional services through a company’s own User Interface
  2. Generates additional revenue through new services without having to build additional services from scratch
  3. Differentiates from competitors that do not offer additional API enabled services

The coronavirus is accelerating the use of APIs which in turn fosters deeper digitization across businesses. Tempus is witnessing this wave of API adoption as companies in a wide range of industries including Banks, AP automation software, Logistics, and eCommerce platforms engage with Tempus’s API to embed FX and international payment services into their offering.

An API integration typically only takes several weeks from initial scoping through to final testing.

As a trusted provider of industry-leading payment technologies and award-winning currency market expertise, Tempus partners with your business to understand specific challenges and objectives to best tailor relevant solutions. From customized payment processes to plug-and-play, Tempus’ innovative technologies are designed to meet your FX business needs.

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Andrew Woelflein Chief Strategy Officer Tempus

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