Welcome Firma US Foreign Exchange Clients

Welcome Firma US Foreign Exchange Clients

Firma + Tempus

Tempus is delighted to welcome Firma‘s US-based clients!  As you know, Firma will soon no longer be able to service your international payments and foreign currency exchange (FX) needs in the United States. To maintain secured continuity for your payment and currency needs, Firma has introduced you to Tempus to serve your business in the US-market.

Tempus is a US-based FX company with over 20 years of industry experience helping businesses successfully navigate the volatile foreign currency market to their advantage. We have earned the distinction of being named the ‘Top G10 Foreign Currencies Forecaster‘ by Bloomberg for four of the past eight quarters. Tempus welcomes the opportunity to share our award-winning market insights and innovative digital FX tools with your business to secure the best FX decisions with optimal timing for all of your international payments.

To ensure ease of your account transition, and per your approval, our Tempus team is ready to begin your onboarding process immediately. We look forward to serving your FX needs.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Tempus at 800-834-2497 or via info@tempusfx.com.

How It Works: STEP 1

Book your FX deal in less than five minutes—directly on Tempus Online or work one-on-one with your personal Tempus Account Manager. Tell us how much, which currency, and where to send the funds.  Get your competitive quote instantly, and then lock in your deal.

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How It Works: STEP 2

Flexibly transact with us via email, online, phone, chat or fax. Simply send us your funds via ACH direct debit, wire transfer, or check by email or fax.

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How It Works: STEP 3

Expect fast, efficient sending of your FX funds using the SWIFT payment network with end-to-end tracking from booking through final delivery.

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