INDUSTRY FOCUS | Food & Beverage - Future Risk and Recovery

Join us for an overview of the journey to recovery and the best way to manage currency risk along the way with our industry experts





  • Outlook on a W Economic Recovery—Industry Winners & Losers
  • Post-Pandemic Effects on Global Trade Down through 2023
  • Why FX Volatility will Remain High as the Dollar Weakens
  • Importance of Using Risk Management and Tools
  • Business development in the current and post-COVID environment
  • Strategies for every business—to mitigate risk, maximize success

Our Chief Economist, Dr. John Min, will speak on what type of recovery we can expect for the US economy and global trade with a focus on the Food & Beverage industry for the coming months.

John Doyle, our VP Trading & Dealing, will also dive into best practice recommendations for managing FX risk for companies involved in the Food & Beverage industry in line with the Min’s future outlook on the overall economic recovery.

Our VP of Sales, John Hicks, will host this webinar and provide an overview of business development within this industry for businesses as we progress down the road to a global economic recovery.





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