Market is swinging wildly—how will you manage risk when it comes to FX? Let our experts help your business navigate the volatility in this time of crisis.

As the market swings wildly moment to moment—how is your organization managing it’s risk when it comes to FX?  Consistently top-ranked by Bloomberg for our accuracy in currency forecasting, we’d like to help you navigate the volatility with a better understanding of what’s happening.

How will this play out for your organization moving forward?  How can you safeguard your business for volatile exchange rate movements?

Listen as our experts walk you through the current economic state and how to best manage your risk and strategically budget for the year ahead—in a way that best fits your organization’s risk tolerance and protects your profit margins from adverse market moves.


  • Juan Perez, Senior FX Trader & Strategist
  • Dr. John Min, Chief Economist
  • Andrew Woelflein, Chief Strategy Officer




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