The Federal Reserve’s Interest Rate Decision

(Yahoo Finance, October 3, 2018) - John Doyle, VP of Trading and Dealing at Tempus, helps break down the latest FOMC decision.


John Doyle, VP of Trading and Dealing, Tempus, Inc., Washington, DC:

“I think that was probably a 50-50 whether you thought there were going to be two rate hikes or three.  We’re in the camp where we think probably three, but we’re also looking at what could be a hindrance to that and obviously that’s going to be trade and tariffs. It’s something that is going to be hard to tell right now but maybe by next June we’ll have a better idea of whether that’s having a negative effect on the economy or not…”

Click below to watch the full Yahoo Finance video and discover more insights from Tempus on the Fed’s decision.

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