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Ready to integrate the best payment and risk management solutions and expand your network capabilities?  Learn more about our API payment solution.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface and operates as a digital intermediary which facilitates communications between two applications.

The average person uses 10 individual APIs per day through various applications such as Google Maps and social media apps. These apps wouldn’t be able to function without the API as this allows your phone to talk to the app and exchange information which is then displayed on your phone screen. In this modern digital era, APIs are an important part of everyday life.

APIs are currently undergoing integration in significant industries across the world.

What can I access with the Tempus API?

The Tempus API enables access to the full Tempus product range including:

  • Quotes
  • Transaction Funding
  • Spot Transactions
  • Fixed and Window Forwards
  • Payment Delivery
  • Take Profit Orders
  • Add/edit beneficiaries
  • Payment Tracker
  • Currency Holding Account Management
  • Payment Reports
  • Notification Management

The Open API allows clients & partners to fully automate both International and Domestic Payment processes within your business processes and technology.  Our Wizard API inspired API solution streamlines your coding by encapsulating many third-party connections and business logic into easy-to-use Wizard steps, while our RESTful API provides the ultimate flexibility while building custom FX functionality into your systems.

Why use an API?

Embedding a domestic and international payment product into your current business services provides:

  • Ease of use
  • Top tier-support
  • Proven experience streamlining payment processes
  • Scalability
  • New revenue source
  • Enhanced client retention
What API technologies are offered?

Wizard API is a REST-inspired API designed to make API client developers write a lot less client-side code. It does so by a heavy use of finite state machines (called Wizards) that encapsulate a lot of business logic therefore eliminating a need for API clients to deal with intensive financial process details. It only uses two HTTP verbs GET and POST for all its methods. Wizard API methods have their own custom naming and custom error processing standards which developers need to learn before utilizing them. It uses simple Bearer Authentication.

RESTful API is a fully compliant RESTful API based on JSON: API specification. It utilizes oAuth 2.0 authentication mechanism, strictly follows all RESTful standards, such as use of HTTP Error status codes to communicate all related errors, and uses a wider set of HTTP verbs (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, PATCH) for CRUD operations, etc.

When to use the Wizard API?

  • When you want to write simple code to help with basic process automation that provides payment processes to you and/or to your customers.
  • When time-to-market is critical.
  • When you want to prototype/assess Tempus Online capabilities.

When to use the RESTful API?

  • When you want to incorporate more payment features.
  • When you want more granular control of your Tempus Online payment processes including getting a rate quote, purchasing currency, and sending payments inside your ecosystem.
  • When you want to use RESTful support tools to maintain your code and to manage your system operation.
Our company has been doing business with Tempus for over 15 years and has always received efficient, accurate and trusted service.
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