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Our in-house development team remains committed to constantly improving our current products and developing new fintech solutions.

We are proud of our industry-leading global payments and risk management solutions—including tools like FXHedge. Payment Tracker, and TempusFX Currency Slack Bot.

Tempus Online

FX Anytime, anywhere

Our online payment and reporting platform, lets you manage all aspects of your Tempus relationship from anywhere. Whether you are making supplier payments, checking holding account balances, adding or updating beneficiaries, or requesting a monthly transaction report, our 24-hour trading platform allows you to do so easily and securely.  Learn more

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Download the new Tempus app—the simplest way to send, receive and manage your foreign currency payments.  Immediately access the full suite of Tempus award-winning market insights, FX services, payment products and risk management solutions—anytime, anywhere.  Join over 50,000 clients around the world who are already saving and mitigating risk with Tempus and our affiliates. Learn More

New Tempus App

FX Hedge Tool

Maximize Profit Margins

‘Hedging’ can help your organization mitigate market risk when sending or receiving global payments.  The FX Hedge tool lets you visualize how hedging can impact your financial position.  Fill out the information fields and you will generate results based on your input.  Explore different scenarios by changing input numbers or toggling the sliders for the hedge ratio percentage and potential spot rates.

F/X Hedge: Monitor with graph

FX Glossary

The Most Important FX Terms Explained

The foreign currency exchange (FX) industry consists of numerous words that are easily explained in this glossary of the most common terms.  We’re always available if you need more information or would like to suggest an addition to our FX glossary. Find a word

F/X Glossary: Business man with charts at desk
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