How does Tempus differ from a traditional bank that sells foreign exchange?

Tempus is a specialist firm that only offers foreign exchange and international payment services. This specialization allows us to focus all of our resources on delivering exceptional service, price and value.

How is Tempus different from other international payment providers that offer similar services?

There are primarily three things that differentiate Tempus from these other institutions:

  1. Our account managers provide a higher level of personal and professional service.
  2. Our rates of exchange and prices are more competitive.
  3. We are by far the most recognized international payment provider in main-line business media reflecting our superior market insight.
Is Tempus licensed?

Yes. Tempus is one of the few MSBs to have all 49 state money transmitter licenses in the states that require licensing plus Washington, DC, that enable us to legally transmit money globally. We are also registered with the U.S. Treasury Department as a Money Service Business (MSB) and with FINTRAC in Canada.


What industry sectors does Tempus serve?

Tempus provides foreign exchange and payment services to any company or organization that has a legitimate business need to send funds to foreign entities. Over the years we have identified a number of industry sectors that are heavily involved in international transactions and therefore require international payment services. Examples include importers of antiques, wine and liquor, textiles and apparel, food, equipment, sports gear, musical instruments, furniture, medical supplies, and construction material. Tempus also serves industries that bring in raw materials and parts such as chemicals, aviation and electronic components. Universities that fund overseas programs, Freight Forwarders that maintain international agents, Travel Agents / Tour Operators that specialize in international travel and U.S. subsidiaries that repatriate funds back to a foreign head office also benefit from Tempus’ foreign exchange and payment services.

How do I pay Tempus for a foreign exchange transaction?

There are various ways you can pay for your foreign exchange transactions with Tempus. Electronic payment methods such as wire transfer and ACH credit are our preferred settlement methods. However, in order to make working with Tempus as easy as working with your bank, you can authorize Tempus to directly debit your bank account each time you do a transaction, thereby eliminating the need for you to initiate payment – we do the work for you. You can also fax a check to Tempus that we will convert to direct debit.

How can I track currency market movements?

We help clients navigate the complex global currency markets in a variety of ways. Your Tempus account manager is the first resource to assist you in tracking specific currencies, structuring appropriate solutions and executing transactions. Tempus also disseminates daily market information through our Daily Market Insight, which we were the first MSB to establish for the middle market. Tempus also produces more detailed monthly currency reviews for major currencies including the Euro, British pound and Canadian dollar.

What currencies does Tempus offer?

Tempus offers over 130 currencies to meet your global payment needs.

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